Hawkes Bay Clean works closely with other business to ensure the product we produce meets our customers requirements. MG Marketing are our primary marketer, supplying Foodstuffs NZ and Progressive Enterprises with Hawkes Bay Clean fruit from November through until February. Hawkes Bay Clean are a member of the Summerfruit NZ association.


Our Packhouse is certified under the BRC and NZ Gap standards. And our growers are certified to NZ Gap or GlobalGap standards.





From our tree to your plate - there's a lot that can happen to an individual piece of summerfruit. Our aim is to make sure each piece reaches you in the same delicious condition it leaves us in. Thats why Kelston Packhouse is the sole packer for the Hawkes Bay Clean brand. All Hawkes Bay Clean growers believe that it is extremely important to pack the product at one site. We want to ensure consistent handling and qulity across all our packing lines and a good communication channel with our brokers and retailers.


Why Kelston Packhouse?

* 40 years plus experience packing summerfruit and apples

* A modern Packhouse with quality new equiptment

* Tony Harington, the Managing Director, knows and loves stonefruit and the Hawkes Bay Clean philosophy

* The Kelston staff are a dedicated team who pride themselves on producing a high quality product to our

customers specifications

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Please Note: Hawkes Bay Clean has a minimum purchase of 200kg.


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